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The Hoki Museum Grand Prize is an open call exhibition held once every three years for those under the age of 40. It was started with the aim of discovering people who create new realist paintings by publicly recruiting new artists. A total of 82 entries were received this time. We have selected 25 winning works. Although the total number of entries is not large, I feel that the number of works worth seeing is steadily increasing. And the number of applications from young people is increasing each time. We will continue our activities so that we can get even a little closer to our goal of discovering new artists. Furthermore, I look forward to your continued success in the next 5 to 10 years. The special prize will be decided by visitors' votes and will be announced in early February (Grand Prize and Second Prize are not eligible).


The gateway to realistic painting

- Towards the possibility of new realistic paintings -

Winning work exhibition of "Hoki Museum Award" for new realist painters under 40 years old


Hoki Museum Grand Prize Exhibition

Kensuke Aizawa "Ideal V1-Flora-"

Kei Aoi "Time is slow"

Kotoe Abe “Outfit, Stained Glass, Burning Heart Fruit”

Nagatakafumi Ide “Trail of Time”

Takuhisa Ueda “Portrait of my teacher”

Aya Oki “Next to the emptiness”

Mai Otani “Tone”

Atsushi Ohno “Coexistence”

Makoto Kishimoto “Amagoi no Taki”

Kuu (Fukunaga Univ.) “Coronation”

Manri Koto “Expecting”

Hironori Saito “Sabori”

Masatsugu Aka "NGW-Happiness^2"

Hiroki Nakayama “Sunshine”

Chiemi Hiruma “I am here now”

Yuki Fukuhara "17 years old"

Neito Maeda "Ragamuffin"

Shiori Matsuda "Healthy"

Ryota Miura “Self-Portrait (Contrast)”

Naoko Miyauchi “Aurora”

Naoko Miyauchi “Drop”

Itsuki Yamamoto “Reminiscence”

Naoshi Yamayasu “Staying up late”

​ (alphabetical order, titles omitted)

​ Selected

Event period
November 23, 2023 (Thursday/Holiday) - May 12, 2024 (Sunday)
Opening hours
10am to 5:30pm
Admission will be accepted until 5:00 pm, 30 minutes before closing time.
Information on closed dayscalendarPlease confirm.
Hoki Museum Gallery 8

Overview of the event

4th Prize Winner

grand prize

Koichiro Onuma “Wandering People”

second prize

Risaki Yamazawa “Two Wheels”

special prize

Decided by visitors' vote

Scheduled to be announced in early February

(Grand Prize and Second Prize are not eligible)

4th Prize Winner

〒267-0067 千葉県千葉市緑区あすみが丘東3-15

電話:043-205-1500 FAX:043-205-1511


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