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Don't you want to go out in the last few years with a feeling of restlessness and blockage? Let's go on a trip! ! ! ! That said, it's kind of difficult. Then why not take a trip through the works?

Find a ship that was launched on land. Take a walk along the waterways of Edinburgh. See Burgundy villages from the train window. Finding a large tree deep in the forest. Why don't you feel like traveling in the museum?

The beginning of "My Masterpiece" dates back to 2007.

When the founder, Masao Hoki, established the museum, he wanted to create something that would become a distinctive feature of the Hoki Museum. Therefore, we gathered a group of writers and asked them to spend three years creating a masterpiece of over 100 issues that would become ``my masterpiece'' in the future, based on a theme that they had thought of themselves.

When the museum opened in 2010, the completed works were exhibited in a special exhibition room, Gallery 8. Among the exhibition rooms that have mostly white walls, Gallery 8 is the only one with black walls, a black floor, and a black ceiling. Each work will be exhibited one by one in a 6 meter space separated by glass.

He expended a tremendous amount of energy to create his own masterpiece, and at the same time, he burned his fighting spirit with the works of other artists, and each of them worked to improve each other's works without cutting any corners. Artists do not know what kind of work they will create until it is exhibited. Of course, we will not be informed until the item is delivered. The Hoki Museum of Art currently has around 60 artists in its collection, but the ones that can be exhibited here are the artists who shine the most today. The works will be exhibited continuously for three years. This is the fifth time that the exhibition of ``My Masterpieces'' has been exhibited four times.

This exhibition includes an audio guide where you can listen to the artist's live commentary on the work. Please use the QR code placed next to the work to access the dedicated site.

All works drawn over three years by a total of 13 artists.
Over 100 major works are brought together in one place, and can be said to be the pride of the author himself.
The forefront of realistic painting depicting his masterpiece


The foundation of the Hoki Museum, displaying successive works created through the "My Masterpieces" exhibition

This is the fifth time that the "My Masterpieces" exhibition has been held. Through the past four "My Masterpieces" exhibitions, the number of works that have been housed in the museum has exceeded 50. This time, 13 new works have been added. Please enjoy this exhibition along with some of its past collections, as well as the ``My Masterpieces'' exhibition, which not only forms the basis of the Hoki Museum of Art, but also includes many representative works in the world of realism painting.

A collection of works by a total of 13 artists who can be said to be proud of their masterpieces.

A major feature of the ``My Representative Works'' exhibition is that we ask artists to create works that ``draw what they consider to be their representative works.'' There is nothing more difficult for an artist than being asked to create a ``masterpiece,'' which can be called a masterpiece only after it has been evaluated by many people, and which can be said to be created by viewers. One of the best parts of this exhibition is being able to encounter the challenging and heartfelt works of the exhibiting artists.

It was in 2020 that the museum commissioned the work for the 5th “My Masterpieces” exhibition. The size specification is for large works of size 100 or more. An exhibition that brings together both veteran and new artists is extremely rare and can be said to be unique to the Hoki Museum. All of the drawings will be released for the first time on November 23, 2023.

A spectacular exhibition that brings together over 100 newly drawn works over the past 3 years.

You can listen to an audio guide in the artist's own voice using the QR code next to the work.

You can enjoy the origin and production background of works by unique artists.

Audio guide where the work is narrated by the artist's own voice

FREE Wi-fi has been installed in the building.

Communication is now possible even in basements where there was no signal until now.

*Please refrain from talking on the phone inside the building.

FREE Wi-fi has been installed in the building. Communication is now possible even in basements where there was no signal until now.

*Please refrain from talking on the phone inside the building.

Hiroshi Noda, Toshiro Aoki, Fumihiko Gomi

Masayuki Hara, Minoru Ohata, Osamu Obi

Kenichiro Ishiguro/Atsushi Suwa

Ryo Shioya, Emi Hiroto, Takaya Fujita

Bihiro Yamanashi / Kei Mieno

H I R O S H I N O D A ・ T O S H I R O A O K I ・ F U M I H I K O G O M I

M A S A Y U K I H A R A ・ T O S H I H I R O O H A T A ・ O S A M U O B I


R Y O S H I O T A N I ・ E M I H I R O T O ・ T A K A Y A F U J I T A

T O M O H I R O Y A M A N A S H I ・ K E I M I E N O

Exhibition artist

Artist's comment

Hiroshi Noda

This painting depicts Kaga Otohiko. He is the rare Japanese long-form author who died last year at the age of 93. Kaga and I had various connections. He was my best friend, my friend who I would go out drinking with until very recently. I first met him when there was talk about whether or not I would do the illustrations for his novel Marshland, then being published as a serial in the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. Up until then I knew nothing about Kaga, so in a panic I tried to read his major novel, most difficult novel Conviction. I decided “well I think I should paint them,” yes, I thought, it looks interesting so why not try. But having to paint one picture a day, trying seemed the hardest, the most troublesome, I tried to draw a bird’s nest. So that took two weeks, and I thought that is probably not going to work. So I then thought that I should meet Kaga, apologize for not being able to keep my promise, refuse the job and go home. But then I explained the situation, and that is why it is impossible and said all that. And he said, “That is ok, that is just fine, it is ok,” saying he did not understand. So basically he tricked me into deciding there was nothing I could do but paint the pictures. It was horrible to be conned like that and I was truly troubled to have to paint illustrations from dawn to dusk every day, but in the end, that is how I became close friends with Kaga. Then the same thing happened again when he was 90. What is that place just before Karuizawa, Oiwake? Kaga had his country house there, and it was called the Karuizawa Bungakukan, and for years he was the director. When he turned 90, all sorts of people gathered to congratulate him, and he said, “I think it would be even better if the portrait of me that you paint for me were here.” So once again he did it to me, so once again after decades it was time for “Kaga-speak.” At that point I had not yet been able to do anything. I had been able to sketch Kaga, but had not yet gotten to the stage of painting him. As he got weaker and weaker he then died, but this time, at last, I did it. As Paul Valéry said, “nothing is finished,” and “poems are never finished, just abandoned.” In that sense, it is a painting that I somehow brushed, and here for now it is finished.

"Noble Being,Op.9"







Fumihiko Gomi

I wonder when this tree was born, but by the time it had a topknot on its head, it was already the size of a man. When the tree was big enough to overpower the surrounding area, smoke could be seen in the west. It is said that a group of people called the Chogitai fought a battle and lost. Decades later, the earth shook and a huge black smoke billowed up in the western sky for days. Many people died. In another few decades, silver wings, so many that they could be seen as stars, flew high into the sky to the west and turned the city into a sea of fire. Another few decades passed. The northern lands shook, there was a great tsunami and radiation poison was spread. I want to paint a history. But not history paintings. A large tree that has lasted for a hundred or two hundred years lives in good health, has been hit by storms, has been deeply wounded, has thirsted under the sun, knows the soil, knows insects and animals, has been hot and cold, and remembers all of this with its whole body, in the bumps on its trunk, in the branches and leaves, everywhere and everywhere. I can't read them, but I copy them one by one, memorise their shapes, and love them. This is the history of this big tree as I see it.

"A hundred winds, a hundred rains, a hundred suns."

Masayuki Hara

I was born and raised in Kyoto, and even today my studio is here. Kyoto is filled with many shrines, temples, famous scenery, and historic sites, everyone paints them. I have walked all over, seeking a place that inspires me to paint, one that accords with what I seek, my own feelings. But I am troubled because, unfortunately, I have not found one. This painting shows the banks of the Kamo River that runs right through the middle of Kyoto, and a distant view. This river bank is perfect for walking and jogging, and so normally you can see people along it. But it didn’t evoke in me a desire to paint. One day as autumn deepened, I was passing by this place for the first time in ages, and from one spot on the path that distant view suddenly changed. Set against the Higashiyama hills background, the autumn foliage along the river banks has half-scattered, their forms reflected on the river surface. Wild birds fly in from by Lake Biwa. In that moment, one only possible at that time of year, this scene was transformed into a view I think perfect for painting.



"Trees Reflected in a Late Autumn River"












「細胞融合増殖抑制装置(Injection Devices)」

諏訪 敦



塩谷 亮





「Simone con la mitologia」

Emi Hiroto

A somewhat dilapidated wooden sofa. My son, sitting right in the middle of it, looking out at us. Next to him is his favorite soft stuffed toy. Light pours in through the thin curtain. For me, just my son being there I see this world as a complete place. That space too, Illuminated by the light shining in from the window, Feels powerful, beautiful. I wanted to convey how the small world around me Is special, complete. I painted this picture with the thought that it might help in weaving “his tale” to come.

"A Tiny Tale"









「anatomical model / figure」




三重野 慶



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November 23, 2023 (Thursday/Holiday) - May 12, 2024 (Sunday)
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10am to 5:30pm
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Hoki Museum Gallery 8

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